Empower diverse leaders and allies for collaboration on positive changes for environment and equity.

Lean Forward,
Learn Continuously,
and Lead with Courageous Optimism.

How Can I Help?

My goal at Coach4Good is to help you live with intention to your full potential and make positive impact. I’ve found that as we each hone our superpowers, positivity and optimism becomes contagious. I hope to listen, reflect and engage in thought-provoking time together to accomplish what you need in your life today, whether it is to:

  • Ease your journey
  • Help you find clarity in your life
  • Triumph over your life or career challenges
  • Hone your leadership
  • Create a path to an audacious goal
  • Help you find a centered place to live your life daily
  • Make the impossible seem possible

 My hope is that together we can feed a virtuous cycle to keep making the world a better place for all of us.

“Live from a place of your hope for the world.”


Coach4Good Coach

With a 30+ year career as an engineer, a leader, and an executive while being a fully engaged mom, wife, and daughter, I appreciate the opportunity to share my experiences with people who are interested in meaningful examination of their own life and career path. I define coaching as partnering on personal growth in a one-on-one session and mentoring as providing my leadership and business experience as a reality context for learning.  We can do whatever fits your needs.

“I went to the woods because I wished to live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life, and see if I could not learn what it had to teach, and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived.”  –from Walden,  Henry David Thoreau

Session Options
  • Introductory Session – get to know each other
  • Coaching Session – personal growth and coaching needs
  • Informational Session – mentoring questions

Coach4Good Speaker

I am often invited to share some of my career experience, insight, challenges and perspective.  I enjoy engaging interactively with audiences.  When I speak, I like to question, provide reality checks and share with openness in good humor.

In the Stanford University “Letters to a Young Engineer” seminar, I developed a tree bingo game to engage in beginning of a career as well as windows into mid-career and late-career learning.  Please let me know if your organization would enjoy and benefit from a fun, frank dialogue.  Together, we can design the best experience for your needs.

Upcoming Speaking Events

Stay tuned …

Previous Speaking Invitations

Temple City High School. Empowered Together Club and Astronomy Club on Women in STEM. 2021

Pioneer Kiwani’s – Sustainable Innovation for Humans. 2021

EXP Women in STEM Interactive Panel, February 24, 2021

“Innovating for Sustainability”, Mechanical congress IMPULSO, Monterrey, Nuevo León, México [virtual], November 2020.

“Letters to a Young Engineer,” Stanford University Engineering, Stanford, CA, 2020

“Achieving Sustainable Aviation,” AIAA SciTech Forum, Orland, FL, 2020

“ecoDemonstrator Program,” Future of Flight TECH TALK, Mukilteo, WA, 2019

“Women Leadership: Disrupting the Pipeline,” Society of Women Engineers, Bellevue, WA, 2019

“The ecoDemonstrator Program,” Innovation Research Exchange, Seattle, WA, 2019

“Women Leadership in Science and Engineering,” HRL Laboratories, Malibu, CA, 2018

“An Overview of the United States Aircraft Industry,” National Academy of Engineering, Wash, D.C., 2017

“Innovation Towards Sustainable Aviation,” World Environment Day, Bangkok, Thailand, 2016

“Environmental Performance, Accelerating Technology Innovation for Sustainable Aviation,” NASA Green Aviation Symposium, NASA Langley Research Center, Langley, VA, 2016

“Innovation in the Future of Aerospace,” Chinese American Aerospace Engineers, Seattle, WA, 2015

“Aviation is Integral to Today’s Society—Meeting Sustainability Challenges,” World Environment Center (WEC) Roundtable, Spring, TX, 2015

“Environmental Performance—Sustainable Aviation,” International Symposium on Sustainable Aviation, Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, 2015

“Sustainability Engineering,” University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, 2013

“Boeing ecoDemonstrator,” Farnborough International Air Show, Farnborough, England, 2012

“Aviation and Sustainable Biofuel,” Duke University, Durham, NC, 2012

“Technology and Operational Efficiency,” China Aviation Fuel Conference, Beijing, China, 2012

“Aviation Innovation for the Environment,” Greener Skies, IATA, Hong Kong, 2011

“Environmental Benefits from Operations and Aircraft/Engine Technologies,” US Department of Transportation, Future of Aviation Advisory Committee, Washington DC  2010

About Jeanne Yu

In my role at Boeing, I directed the product development R&D technology portfolio for commercial airplanes and strategically implemented innovations like the ecoDemonstrator program to accelerate collaboration and progress.  As an agent of change, I encountered many challenges and learning opportunities both in work and family life. My support team of mentors, coaches and family helped me to successfully navigate career and life.  I became a certified coach so that I could help others and pay forward.

Who I am …

  • Certified ICF Coach
  • Change Agent
  • Champion for environmental sustainability
  • Retired Asian woman executive in Fortune 100 Company
  • Mom, Wife, Daughter
  • Continuous Learner
  • Consultant

I’d Love to Help

What is GOOD?

Sustainability for Good – the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations


  • Work with you as a certified coach with one-on-one sessions
  • Pay forward with my experience to create insight for you
  • Plant Trees – please consider donations to the two organizations below that have been recognized for their work globally

I’m looking forward to learning more about you and your goals.
Schedule an Introduction or Coaching Session.

My Approach & Philosophy

Life can sometimes seem overwhelming. Slowing down to reflect can be energizing and clarifying.  My goal as coach is to take time to reflect and empower you to navigate towards your full potential and life fulfillment.   

If you are interested in a thought-provoking coaching journey that unleashes your own talents and life energy in ways that you have not been able to access, please chat with me!  I’d love to hear what you are up to.

Leadership Reinvention

In my career, as an Asian American female engineering executive in the predominantly white male engineering world,  I had to come to better terms with my Asian American identity, gender identity and feminism, as well as leadership evolution. This required leadership growth and constant reinvention of who I needed to be to overcome obstacles and create a virtuous cycle inside the realities of the workplace. I learned my way of showing up as an authentic leader of impact.  I see today’s awareness of systemic racism and my personal experience as a knowledge opportunity to coach and empower you to refine your own leadership.

“When I first talked with Jeanne, I thought she’d have all the solutions to my challenges. After talking with her, I discovered that I had the solutions within me – she was the one who patiently and respectfully guided me to them. I always feel more grounded after our conversations.”


“Thank you for helping me realize me my potential, find my way, and challenge my assumptions.”


“It’s so easy to talk with Jeanne – it’s like we’ve known each other for years. She has helped me learn more about myself and the direction I want to take my life.”


“Our conversations amazingly structure my thoughts and I always leave with a clearer vision.” 


“Her strategic, energetic, and compassionate problem-solving style allows you to tackle challenges you may have thought impossible… ensure you remain centered and resilient. Even a short meeting with Jeanne will be jam-packed with thought-provoking discussion. I recommend keeping a journal nearby, because her insight will reveal itself as you reflect on the discussion for days afterward.”


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